The Broken Eye


I read the first book in the Lightbringer series (The Black Prism) at least three years ago and the second one (The Blinding Knife) about a year later. I don’t recommend doing that with this series. In some series, books can stand independently, or the next book in the series reminds you about past events in the first couple of chapters. This reads like one continuous book.

The story line is memorable but complex. Weeks creates a unique system of magic based on light and color. The Prism is considered the most powerful user of this magic and a world leader. After fighting his brother, Gavin Guile steps into the role of the Prism. He later discovers he has a son, Kip. The world is at war, and Gavin and Kip do everything they can to put an end to the fighting. However, an imperfect government, political intrigue, and enemies at every turn make the task seemingly impossible.

I was really impressed with the world building of this series. It seems like it would be easy to lose or confuse the reader with such a complex system of magic, but it is done in an engaging way with well developed characters and nonstop action. What impressed me even more was that I found it in no way predictable. My Kindle tells me how many minutes there are in each chapter, and I usually find this helpful in making sure I don’t stay up too late reading. It didn’t help so much in this case because I kept telling myself, “One more chapter . . .” several times in a row.

When I started this book, I thought it was the last of the series. About half way through, I figured out there was no way this was getting wrapped up before the last page. I looked it up, and sure enough, the fourth and final book, The Blood Mirror was recently released. I’m going to have to make sure not so much time passes between readings this time.


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