On a lovely winter day off, I grabbed the graphic memoir Relish and headed to Sakura to start reading. I ordered my favorite soft shell crab rolls, and settled in to read about Lucy Knisley’s life with food. This tale told in words and pictures is beautifully done. It even includes recipes with fun illustrations! It inspired me to try to make my own sushi.


They were no soft shell crab rolls, and no one is going to hire me as a sushi chef any time soon. Despite my limited success (they tasted good at least), I had fun trying to do something new. I also made some chocolate chip cookies, but all evidence was devoured before I remembered to take a picture.

Knisley’s memoir takes the reader through her early life with foodie parents to her adult life trying out her own skills in the kitchen. Tales of new experiences and journeys are told with memories of food; her mom’s pesto is a reminder of her time living in upstate New York, and a hot chocolate in Rome provides some comfort in the midst of teenage angst.

I really loved this book, and I am planning on reading French Milk, her book about a trip to Paris, soon. When I do, I will make a stop at Rene’s Bakery first.


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