Bookish Eats #1: Woody’s Library Restaurant

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s not exactly known a literary mecca, but there are some wonderful bookish things going on here. In addition to reviewing books, I am going to do a few series highlighting local book-lover hotspots.

I first heard about Woody’s Library Restaurant when I was looking up local Carnegie Libraries. There aren’t many still functioning as public libraries in Indianapolis and a few now operating as different businesses. Woody’s is located just north of Indianapolis. According to their website, it opened as a Carnegie library in 1914 and was in service until 1970. I had driven by it several times but somehow totally missed it. Now I realize what I have been missing! It is a beautiful building that has been well maintained.

I love how the restaurant has paid homage to the building’s historical origin. The decor is  a book lover’s dream. I am envious of their beautiful shelves, but I can imagine the amount of dusting the poor staff must have to do on a regular basis.

When I told my husband I wanted to go to Woody’s, he said I just wanted to go because it used to be a library. I said, “Duh.” It took some convincing because a book theme was not enough to persuade him the food would be good. I had also heard rumors of potato chip crusted chicken. That was more than enough for me, and I found a few other things on the menu to sway him.


It turns out that potato chip crusted chicken is as delicious as it sounds. My husband liked his pot roast sliders too, but there is no photographic evidence because he thinks taking pictures of your food silly.

If you are a local or visitor to Indy, this is a fun place to visit. Let me know of other places I should try! I get to travel from time to time, so I like to know where the best restaurants and bookstores are.

Stay tuned for Bookish Eats #2: Books & Brews


4 thoughts on “Bookish Eats #1: Woody’s Library Restaurant

  1. Ooooooh. I’ve driven by, and wanted to try this place! My daughter and I just passed it yesterday and she expressed interest, too– now I REALLY want to go! (And I adore Books and Brews-can’t wait to see what you think!)

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  2. I’ve been planning a feature on our local bookshop in southeast Wales ever since it moved to slightly larger premises — and acquired itself a cafe. 🙂 Great cakes, hot drinks, snacks and books, the best combination ever…

    It’s name? Book-ish, naturally! The owner has promised me an interview, which I’ll be including in the post. I know you’re unlikely to visit Crickhowell, but you never know — and I may even get to Indianopolis sometime!

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